Instead ...

Fast-track the transfer of job know-how

to achieve error free on-the-job performance

With The TAPaSkill® Way you will ...

Provide quick visual recall of key procedures

using common handheld mobile devices

Start improving job performance for increased profitability from our first hours onsite!

Engage the robust TAPaSkill® Way ...

1. Capture job procedures

We help you capture job procedures with text, images, and video using a mobile device -- while the job is being performed by an expert.

2. Generate a TAPaSkill®

Once transferred to a computer, you can edit the job procedures graphically if needed, and generate a portable file for loading as a TAPaSkill® onto mobile devices.

3. Follow job procedures

You'll empower novices to follow the job procedures, using our TAPaSkill® mobile app -- resulting in their improved job performance!

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These companies have profited from The TAPaSkill® Way ...


  • Record jobs while on-the-job   (not at the desk)
  • Distribute for use within minutes   (not in days)
  • Learn within a normal workflow  (not in a class)

Perfect for standardizing job procedures, preserving the expertise of retirees,
self-coaching for high turnover jobs, and quick recall for infrequent procedures.

Profit from these features of The TAPaSkill® Way ...
  • Turnkey toolkit

    We will coach you in developing TAPaSkills® using the standalone platform, Know-how in the Bag. Be productive from the first hour.

  • Any platform

    View TAPaSkill® offline on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Or view online on any platform via any browser. Or print it.

  • Structured navigation

    Each TAPaSkill® is enhanced via a graphical editor, to add web links and standardized menu structures for ease of navigation.

  • Accessible enabled

    Large buttons make TAPaSkill® navigation smooth. Select desired font size and background color. Translate text in any language.

  • Secure content

    Distribute TAPaSkill® anywhere safely like a password protected PDF. Even brand your own apps for private end-to-end security.

  • One time fee

    Receive all the tools and equipment with onsite training services, with no recurring fees. And the TAPaSkill® apps are free.

The TAPaSkill® Way

Explore all that is possible with the sustainable and scalable TAPaSkill® Way.